That number holds a bit of heft.  When I see 100, I think immediately a short list of words:

  • Accomplishment
  • Perfection
  • All
  • Whole
  • Complete
Maybe this reveals a bit about me and my tendency to be results driven and very FIRE aspect dominant.  :-)  

One word that typically does not come to mind however is HAPPY.  That is until recently.  There is a challenge called 100 Happy Days and being that we just passed 100 days remaining in the year I thought that it would be the perfect way to end 2015.

I find this challenge very engaging since it enforces that happiness is a choice and that every day we have something to be happy about... you just have to look.

Since today is Day 3, I had some catching up to do but here are the first 3 days of my 100 Happy Days experiment:

Day 1 - I am happy to be starting over in my training.  Again. And not for the last time. ;-)

Day 2 - I am happy for my husband and his sense of humor.  He makes me laugh through my tears and always knows exactly what I need, when I need it. 

Day 3 - I am happy to have so many State Parks and Metroparks here in Michigan and Ohio, so close to me.  I love working out in the parks because it is fun and it gives you a chance to connect with the world, like the ACTUAL world; mother nature and all of the creatures and ecosystems which surround us that we may never see because we are too stuck in our phones and to do lists.

I know that there is a lot of negativity out there but I am choosing to find something every single day to be happy about and grateful for.  So what are you happy for today?  What are you happy for every day?   Can you be happy for 100 days straight?  It is not too late to join in the challenge!  

In health with a HAPPY heart, 

The Iron Seashell

Recently I have been thinking about heart and courage.  

Does winning a race or placing on the podium or setting a PR take heart and courage?  Absolutely - but not for the reasons why you may think.  Courage and Heart do not exist in a result.  Courage is born with a decision and dedication to follow a dream, and heart is earned in the darkest hours.   

I was once asked what the hardest part of Ironman was.  I responded "Signing up."

I realize how blessed I am to belong to some amazing communities and the one thing that really ties them all together is that their purpose is the same - lift up women and encourage them to go after their goals.

As a member of the endurance triathlon community for some time now I have seen many friends and teammates make valiant attempts and fall short of achieving their goals.  The amazing thing is that in the community to which we belong no one ever criticized, made fun of or ridiculed someone for making the attempt.  

In fact, the opposite is true.  It is in times of failure that we are often pushed to our absolute limits and show our heart.  The endurance community rallies around and lifts up in celebration of the courage one had to chase their dreams.  THIS is where the magic happens!   

Les Brown Said It best...

I guess the point is that sometimes it takes several attempts before we succeed. If we are afraid of the times where we fall short we will never know the growth we experience due to these attempts; we deny ourselves an opportunity for something amazing.  

"What if I cannot finish the race?"  Well, you will not know if you do not try! 

"What if I fall short of my goals?"  I ask you this - What if you succeed?  

There is NO shame in making an attempt that does not end up where we wanted.  

The COURAGE is when we decide to make our dreams realities. The HEART is when we keep getting back up on the horse every single time we fall off. 

So what will you do today that scares you?  As a wise friend once told me - BE BRAVE and go unto today with the intent of NOT denying yourself for an opportunity for something amazing to happen!  

In health and heart, 

The Iron Seashell