I started in on the training plan this week and getting back into running is much harder than I remember!  That goes to show you what total inactivity can do to the body.  I went from peak form to barely being able to run a mile non-stop in not very much time.

First day of 10k training is in the books and I ended it with a  nice visit to the Dry Sauna to sweat it out.

I realized this week, after an emergency with a family member that our future is not guaranteed.  I am not even speaking about our mortality - I am speaking about quality of life.  How quickly things have changed in my family over the course of not even 3 years.

I realized that my joking about "out running my genetics" is not so much a joke and there may be a genetic possibility that I could succumb to the same autoimmune diseases that plague my mother.  I now realize that I need to eat as if my life depends on it - because even though I may be healthy now, I may not always be.

These autoimmune diseases stem from inflammation, and what feeds inflammation?

Nutritional Starvation/Hidden Hunger
Poor self care

These are all factors that we have some choice in.  We can choose how we manage the stressors in our life.  We can choose how we fuel ourselves each day, we can choose to manage ourselves as if we are worth it.  

I know that if I slip back into a bad eating pattern, inflammation will continue to thrive and whatever predisposition I have will most likely manifest.

I realize that I need to do this total makeover of my health  not for new clothes or to have a skinny body.  I need to do this quite literally for my quality of life.

I am signed up to run the Detroit Marathon Relay with a team of awesome co-workers for my company this coming October.  I decided to take the longest leg which is 6.4 miles.  I decided this weekend to actually load up a training plan since the whole "by the seat of my pants" training has not been going so well.

As luck would have we we are exactly 2 months out from the race, so I am just in time with my plan!  I decided to pull a Hal Higdon plan for a 10k distance and start in on that.  I am not too proud of a person to admit that I will be starting at the Novice level once again because that is where I am at right now.  It has been too long to jump into anything more mileage intensive and I am motivated to  hit the pavement in the morning!

Goals for this week:

  • Tuesday 2.5 mile run, Cardio Blast class at LTF
  • Wednesday 30 minutes cross training
  • Thursday 2 mile run plus strength
  • Saturday 5k walk with my #LT90DayChallenge team
  • Sunday 3 mile run

Keep on moving forward!

 - The Iron Seashell

As part of my personal 90 Day Challenge journey, I decided to start a D.Tox program for the first few weeks in order to help my wrangle in my appetite and reduce my sugar and carbohydrate cravings.

This past week I was in prep phase, reducing my caffeine intake and getting ready for the next 2 weeks of D.Tox, before reintroduction of certain foods.

I appreciate that Lifetime Fitness has gone to Thorne Research for it's supplements as I work with Thorne myself in my nutrition practice.  The D.Tox is not caloric restrictive, it is toxin/toxicant and allergen restrictive.

I am day week 2, day 3 now and feeling pretty good.  The biggest change is that I no longer crave sugars, which is nice.  I have removed gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, and all added sugars. Here is to some success and the kick off to the start of my next Seashell journey!

Looking forward to graduation in 2016, I decided to go ahead and sign my name back on the dotted line come November, and toe the line at Ironman Florida, 2016.

I mean come on, look at all of this awesome!  

I will be approaching my training a little differently this time around, more whimsy, more play and more intuition.  I am also going to be more forgiving of myself.  

I love the sport, I love the Ironman journey and I love the person I have become during my time away from it over the past few years.  It is time to marry the two together in the way that only I could.  :-)

To kick off the journey to this Ironman, I signed up for the #LT90daychallenge where I am pledging my pounds for the sake of a healthier life. My goal is to drop about 12% of my body weight before I sign up for IM, and then to just keep on making and sustaining the lifestyle choices that support me in my quest to better health. 

I am going to pick back up here and be more active as I find the presence and accountability helps keep me on some path.  

I look forward to the next 455 days or so.  :-)  I love me a good journey!