About The Seashell

Hello!  I am Jenniferlyn Kryvicky, AKA the IronSeashell

I know that Seashell is a funny name, but it was given to me by a dear friend and fellow teammate because I always brings back pieces of the ocean for my friends when I return from my trips to beachlands. 

I used to split my time between Michigan and South Florida however now my beach going days are limited to the local lakes and the occasional vacation.  

I am a triathlete, preferring the half distance, who loves to encourage others to get out of their comfort zones and give something new a try!   Because of this I have become an ambassador for a few very important companies that I stand behind and along side 100%.  

I am an age grouper, a family woman, a wife, and an eternal student.  I started blogging a decade a go to capture my re-entry into the world of running and my original blog (the journey) can be found under the archived blogs tab.  I then started an Ironman Florida specific blog to capture the journey to becoming an Ironman.  I decided to keep blogging because I love the accountability as well as the opportunity to get inside my head afterwards to relive these experiences long after the endorphins have left my body. 

I decided to open up this blog, The Iron Seashell, as a way to capture my return to fitness and my goal of inspiring others to never stop starting. 

Are you ready to make waves with me?  Let's do this!