Jenniferlyn Kryvicky... You. Are. An. IRONMAN!

Those were the words that came over the soundsystem at Ironman Florida, November 3rd, 2012 at 11:06 PM.

16 hours and 6 minutes after I started my very first 140.6 mile race, I finished.

I chronicled the journey, or more so the final weeks and days, at my blog Journey to Ironman Florida.  I am opening this blog to chronicle my journey to Ironman Wisconsin 2014.  I learned a lot about myself on the way to Florida.  I have fallen in love with the process of Ironman.  With the lifestyle.  What it gave me and what I give to it.  I never want this process of give and take, race and learn, to end.

So why two years until my next?  I decided to give myself a year to focus on speed and trying a different form of training and then a year of solid Ironman training. 2012 was a long year of training for me.  I want some space to live and learn and go back and execute the distance again.  Better.

This is the start of the next leg of my journey, let's see where it takes me! 


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