These legs were made for ridin'!

And that is just what they'll do!  

This past week has been BEAUTIFUL for riding and running outside.  I took advantage of the weather and did as many outside workouts that I could.  Looking at this week of SNOW, it looks like I am in a holding pattern for outside riding again, however inside biking during the week is my norm (too hard to rush out someplace to ride after work - would rather do the hard work rides on a trainer anyhow.)  

This Saturday I have a 3 hour ride that I am planing on doing out at Island Lake State Park - rolling hills and a great 12 mile loop - with my Ironsister Vickie, weather permmitting.  Our A races are on the same day - her's being IMWI and mine being Rev3 Cedar Point. 

The plan for this week is:

Monday - Swim (done)
Tuesday - 1.5 hour bike, 30 minute run brick (was Wednesday's workout but swapped due to time constraints)
Wednesday - Swim and Run (each 1 hour)
Thursday - Long run - 1.5 hours
Friday - Swim
Saturday - 3 hour bike, 30 minute run
Sunday - 2 hour bike, 30 minute run

With Sunday being Easter, I will have to get the ride in EARLY as I will be heading north to my Parent's house which is 1.5 hours away - so let's put that ride on TBD status ;-). 

Now that I am in HIM training, rest days will be only about 1 time a month - and typically around a big training day or on a testing week.  So - here we go!  

Let the fun times begin!


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