Always Win Monday: A Way To Set Yourself Up For A Great Week Ahead

I belonged to a motivational Facebook group that was about helping each other get a jump start on any New Year's resolutions.  One of the sayings that I picked up from this group is Always Win Monday.  It serves as the reminder to start off the week on a good foot, get in that workout and win the day.

Part of wining Monday for me will be taking in yoga and finally getting my butt back into the pool!  Ironman70.3 Ohio is fast approaching at 145 days away and I will be going from couch to 1.2 mile swim / 13.1 mile run in that time. I can do that by winning Mondays.  I find that it really sets the tone for the rest of the week and I am to the point now that if I miss going to the gym during the week I get cranky and feel out of sorts.   

My Monday Win looks something like this:
  • Get in a workout even if it is Yoga or stretching
  • Stick to the meal plan
  • Get a good night's rest
These things help me set the intention for the rest of the week.  I am a person who loves checking off tasks as they are completed so starting the week off with a big fat checkmark on Monday is the best feeling! 

Winning your Monday also helps to build momentum. An object in motion tends to stay at motion until something stops it.  Typically that is friction that slowly wears us down or an abrupt obstacle that forces an immediate stop.  What we can do is add to the momentum every day we win - whatever that means for your day.  It is harder to not go to the gym if you have already gone a few days each week, just as it is harder to be tempted to go out to eat or to snack unhealthful if we have a fridge filled with made-ahead meals, and a lunch bag packed with meals and snacks to keep us on that winning path.

Motivation is what gets us started, it is the habit of winning days that keeps us going.

Do you have a routine that when disrupted makes you feel like you are off kilter?  How do you win or what can you do each week to help you win Mondays?

The Iron Seashell,


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