The Journey Back to Me - 140.6 days of health

As of September 11, 2016 I am officially done with my Master's Degree academic work!  I have taken and passed my comprehensive exam, and now just need to finish my clinical trial and then in a few short weeks I will have my degree in hand.

In December I expect to be able to obtain my State Certification in Nutrition, so another huge milestone is about to be cleared.  What an amazing past few years it has been on my goal of inspiring others to live a healthy and active life.

However what has not been so amazing in the past few years has been how far I have fallen out of a healthy and active life myself as the demands of work and school took their toll. The weight my body now bares is the proof of how we must work on health as part of our lifestyle, not a crash fad.  Ironic that I am a certified health coach with a Master's degree in nutrition... and I look and feel like I need to see one myself.

I am starting the journey back to consistent workouts and self care, the journey back to long distance and endurance training.  The journey back to being active and healthy and full of energy.  I am starting the journey back to me.  

Part of this journey will include others - mentoring, inspiring, educating. I am starting a 140.6 days of health with a focus on starting a consistent routine of eating well and consistent movement.  It starts today and ends January 31st, 2017.

This will be the first of many 140.6 days of health that I plan on making a total investment in myself - in terms of time and patience, and I want you along for the journey!

Day 1 of 140.6
Today I went to yoga and worked on opening my hip flexors after months of sitting at a desk at work and studying for my comprehensive exams.

Have a great week!


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