What Does Starting Over Look Like?

Starting over is something that I literally seem to do all the time.  Basically, starting over looks like me... every single day. 

Re-learning how to get up in the morning to swim/bike/run, re-learning how to go to bed at a reasonable hour, re-learning how to fuel and prep and plan.  Starting over looks very similar in triathlon to anything else in life.  There is a period of awkwardness, doubt, and then the realization that we can do it because, hello, we have done it before. But why did we do it before?  And what has changed?

Sometimes when we attempt to start over, we ignore that the starting point may have moved on us.  Can we ever really start over?  Do we even want to?  I am thinking less about starting over and more about reinvention.  I had a good run as Jenniferlyn v1.0.  Now it is time for the much anticipated release of the upgrade - Jenniferlyn v2.0.

I have set my race schedule, recruited my family to race with me along the way, and now am ready to let it go.

No more thinking about that business because it will be here soon enough.  Ugh and as I see that next week starts September already it becomes more apparent that 2018 will be here sooner than we all are anticipating. In the mean time I need to focus on today because I am in today with the body of today and the mindset of today.  

How many times have you set a big goal - like achieving a certain pace, or accomplishing a grand task, or racing a certain distance... only to do something less grand/fast/long and sit there in wonder "If I am this dead after this... how on Earth will I ever be able to do the big goal?!?!"

That is because we are not trained for the big goal.  We may not even have been trained for the smaller attempt, but we did it anyway.  Next time you have one of these, do not think about the big goal, rather try to stay in the present. Tomorrow will come and it will be made or broken by the things that we are doing today, and tomorrow, and every single day between them all.

What am I doing in my non-start over-but-rather-a-complete-reboot-of-the-Jenniferlyn-franchise? I am working on simple additive changes (you know the things I preach to everyone else about) that will make a big difference some start time.

From now until January I am focusing on early morning workouts and quality of nutrition.  My goal has been 3 times a week swimming and 2 times a week running at the gym and moving my body comp around to where it needs to be. If I keep making the right choices and get into a morning groove,  I will be in both the physical and mental place to take on the increase in training volume that will come with the January Out Season.

Present goals for present needs.

In health,


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