My heart beats a happy beat; IM70.3 Ohio Taper week is here!

I went back to my Dr last night to review my final test results and got the all clear on resuming normal training life as long as I keep on making the modifications I am to my lifestyle and monitor my BP keeping an eye on it.

I have one happy heart and now with my Boston Heart Diagnostics results in hand, I am very aware of where I need to focus my lifestyle efforts.

If you have never heard of the Boston Heart test, it is a blood work diagnostic which reviews your risks for heart disease and assesses your overall heart health identifying specific areas in which you can improve your markers.  It is also very impressive and paints a wonderful picture of your risk for heart disease.

I chatted with my coach today and we are on track for a stellar rest of the training cycle to IMFL in November.  I am one happy Seashell!

With this set back, I am starting a little late in my training but being only 7 weeks in I have more time in front of me than behind me which is a good thing, it just requires mad consistency.

My goal is to GET TO GREEN in my Final Surge training log. Similar to TrainingPeaks, Final Surge marks your training based on % completed of assigned.  So Yellow is partly, Red is not completed and green is completed as planned.   Additionally I want to run the Boston Heart tests again in late October to see if I have gotten to green on those metrics as well.  #BeGreen

Training plan color coded by activity - so pretty :)

Training plan color coded by completion... this is where I need to see it be green AF!

Looking over my logs from 2012 I was FAR FROM GREEN, often seeing days of nothing so this time around I want to try something different... like following the plan! Ha ha!  So day by day my goal is to live green and get it done.

My goals for this week - Green one day at a time.

Wk 6 of IM Training (mid week update)
Thursday- Chiro appointment with a run
Friday - Swim (long) and a 1.5 hour massage with cupping, drive to Ohio to pick up Mike.
Saturday - Travel to IM70.3 Ohio and check in bike, etc. fuel and rest
Sunday - Swim 1.2 miles, run 13.1 miles - smile and be happy that I am back at it!

Wk 7 of IM Training
Monday - Recovery and travel back to Michigan
Tuesday -  Swim and run
Wednesday - Bike and run
Thursday - Long run
Friday - Swim and Run
Saturday - Long bike, second run
Sunday - Medium bike plus long run

Let's get ready to get green baby!


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