5k TT run results and thoughts on the season.


Last night I ran my 5k TT and while it was not the fastest 5K I have ran, it was certainly not the slowest. 33:11 was my time for a pace of 10:42 and a vDot of 27. I left the OS last year with a 33, so I am hoping working to get back there and then some over this year.


I posted over on the journey about my revelation in training.  As to not repeat the entire post here, I will link to it should you want to read.  In summary - this girl is moving forward in 2014 with CONFIDENCE! 

I added a new section to the left column of this blog with my mantra for 2014: BE FUCKING FEARLESS.  That blog post from Elizabeth Waterstraat is exactly my mindset for this year and beyond.  I am done being fearful.  I am going to be fearless.  After all, what have I to lose?  Nothing!  Why did it take so long to realize that?


Time to be the squirrel. I WANT THE NUT.  And if I miss it?  Well then I will just get right back on the horse and go for the nut again. 

That is living without fear.   So yeah, new back up mantra: Fuck Fear. :-)

I am going to make signs for my basement with my goal times so that every time I am on the bike I see it staring back at me.  I am going to make a sign in a waterproof baggie for me to take to the pool so every swim I see it.  I am going to make a sign to attach to my garmin and my electronics so every time I go for a run I see it.  I will have signs in my car and my desk as I spend most of my time in those two chairs. 

I am fearless and with that I am facing my goals dead in the eyes, signaling to them that I am coming for them one at a time.

I was initially looking at this year as starting all over again thinking of how far behind I am from years past when I was in my peak fitness. But really, I am not starting all over again;  I am starting a whole new journey.  Now that I look over my peak year's training logs I see that I am actually ahead of where I was in terms of weight loss and in ability, not to mention mental toughness and dare I say it?  Confidence.  

I was running 5k's in the 12 minute miles, now I am running them sub-11's.  I weighed my weight or more through April of that year.  My goal weight for the end of this OS is where I was back in mid-May of my peak year.  My bike strength is better.  My mental toughness is better.  So while in the details short term I have lost some power and speed here and there, I know that I am overall starting off in a better place mentally and physically than any season prior. 

Until next time, be the squirrel.
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