Well here we go again! IM Revenge - Rev3 Full Rev

Over the past few years I have kept many blogs - the journey, the journey to Ironman Florida, Shine Health and Personal Fitness, and this one, the now defunct journey to IM MOO.  While each one serves a purpose I have decided to re-launch my Journey to IM MOO blog as The Iron Seashell.  Firstly because I had to pull out of IM Moo this year, and secondly because there is so much more ahead of me! 

I have decided to log all of my endurance race specific things on this blog as I really have enjoyed looking back over my Ironman Florida blog over the past year and it is nice to have a recollection of moods, weights, fitness, etc. for me to compare to other years.  

I will still be very active in my other blog, the journey, as it is a chronicle of my lifelong journey outside of sports and fitness.   I will also be keeping up my Shine blog as it is where I plan on launching my Personal Training and Fitness information to clients.

This blog will be all races and training 100%.  My workouts, my body comp progress, my race reports, etc.  really everything sport related will be posted here as the record of my athletic progress.

The name of this blog is a take on my nickname around my training friends - Seashell.  I am a Florida girl at heart, so every time I come back I bring a piece of it with me to share with my friends - seashells!

I am the iron seashell now, and have so mch more in me!    Next stop on the Iron express is Rev3 full Rev in September.  I have some hefty goals for this race, namely training and racing revenge over IM FL. 

Until next time,

Iron Seashell


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