Another week in the books - another week of windy rides!


Last week was a crazy windy 56 mile race rehearsal ride that I thought could not get worse.  This weekend was back to back rides, with crazy wind forecast (25 MPH!) on Saturday so my training partner and Iron Sister Yvette and I decided to ride in my basement for 2 hours.  Sunday we rode 52 miles in the Metro Grand Spring Tour.  Little did we know that the winds on Sunday would rival the forecast on Saturday.

We felt to be in the wind for most of the ride, with only a very short reprieve of maybe 10 miles or so.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and we are both alive to do it again another day!

In other bike related news, I got my new saddle Saturday!  I did not use it on Sunday as I am not a masochist, but I now have it installed and ready for the ride Wednesday.  I loved my Cobb saddle, but I am starting to get cysts again, so I think that I have to realize that I am just not made for the Cobb style saddles - however all of my riding, with the exception of 3 sessions, has been in on the trainer, and we sit differently on a trainer than we do in the real world so maybe I am sitting on it all wrong.  Ugh.  Saddles.

Here is my new saddle:
We shall see!  Race and a ride on Saturday then a 2.5 hour ride on Sunday before Mother's Day fun!

Have a great week everyone!

The Iron Seashell ;-)


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