Today I received notice that I was accepted as an ambassador for the Mermaid Club!  I am very excited about this am am looking forward to making some serious waves in the health and wellness sphere this year. 

This comes in addition to my ambassadorship for Ironman's Women for Tri initiative and my being one of 6 on my triathlon team who will be piloting a mentorship for women entering into the sport of triathlon. 

2016 is the year of THEM for me.  I have races and some goals and at the top of that goal list is helping others achieve theirs. Being an overall ambassador for living life and making waves is a great platform to help me achieve this. 

I am back into a groove, learning more every day how to balance school, work, my business, training, and being a wife.  I am looking forward to 2017 and planning my next Ironman, and for this year I am working on regaining some base under me so that 2017 will not suck so badly. :-)

I am deciding between Ironman Chatanooga (September), Ironman North Carolina (October), and Ironman Arizona (November).  It will come down to how long I want to train next year!  I was pretty done by September when I was training for Ironman Florida, so possibly Choo will win out but let's see what new races come out between now and September!   



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