Meal Prep Sunday

Sundays are the days that I either set myself up for a good or a bad week. 

Good weeks start with meal prepping and training prepping, being all set to grab and go throughout the week.

Good weeks start with having breakfast,  lunch,  dinner, and snacks prepared and ready to fuel me on demand.

Bad weeks start with me having nothing planned, prepped, or cooked leaving me open to making poor decisions and leaving the door open to under- or over-fuelling.

This week is going to be a good week! Breakfasts, snacks,  lunches are being made and dinners are already in the freezer thanks to a time I cooked a head many meals just in case I enver got too busy.

One prep tip that I have used is that if you have a freezer on hand,  when you make one casserole/pasta/soup based meal, make one for today and another one to freeze in individual portions so that when life gets busy you stay on track!


~The Iron Seashell


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