Harder Than I Remember...


I started in on the training plan this week and getting back into running is much harder than I remember!  That goes to show you what total inactivity can do to the body.  I went from peak form to barely being able to run a mile non-stop in not very much time.

First day of 10k training is in the books and I ended it with a  nice visit to the Dry Sauna to sweat it out.

I realized this week, after an emergency with a family member that our future is not guaranteed.  I am not even speaking about our mortality - I am speaking about quality of life.  How quickly things have changed in my family over the course of not even 3 years.

I realized that my joking about "out running my genetics" is not so much a joke and there may be a genetic possibility that I could succumb to the same autoimmune diseases that plague my mother.  I now realize that I need to eat as if my life depends on it - because even though I may be healthy now, I may not always be.

These autoimmune diseases stem from inflammation, and what feeds inflammation?

Nutritional Starvation/Hidden Hunger
Poor self care

These are all factors that we have some choice in.  We can choose how we manage the stressors in our life.  We can choose how we fuel ourselves each day, we can choose to manage ourselves as if we are worth it.  

I know that if I slip back into a bad eating pattern, inflammation will continue to thrive and whatever predisposition I have will most likely manifest.

I realize that I need to do this total makeover of my health  not for new clothes or to have a skinny body.  I need to do this quite literally for my quality of life.


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