She's Baaaack!

Looking forward to graduation in 2016, I decided to go ahead and sign my name back on the dotted line come November, and toe the line at Ironman Florida, 2016.

I mean come on, look at all of this awesome!  

I will be approaching my training a little differently this time around, more whimsy, more play and more intuition.  I am also going to be more forgiving of myself.  

I love the sport, I love the Ironman journey and I love the person I have become during my time away from it over the past few years.  It is time to marry the two together in the way that only I could.  :-)

To kick off the journey to this Ironman, I signed up for the #LT90daychallenge where I am pledging my pounds for the sake of a healthier life. My goal is to drop about 12% of my body weight before I sign up for IM, and then to just keep on making and sustaining the lifestyle choices that support me in my quest to better health. 

I am going to pick back up here and be more active as I find the presence and accountability helps keep me on some path.  

I look forward to the next 455 days or so.  :-)  I love me a good journey!  


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