2017... Seashell is BACK and bringing you along for the ride ahead to 140.6 for 40!

It feels so good to shake off the dust, stretch out the arms, inhale a fresh breath exhaling in the final yawn of coming out of a deep sleep, rubbing eyes clear of slumber and seeing clearly what is in front of you. 

I needed the break to finish my degree and to find a fresh perspective on my fitness.  A lot has come to light in the last few years than I had ever imagined.  With that a refocus on fitness and health has commenced.  In 2017 I am very excited to be working with people I know and love, as well as to represent a new team that I have been wowed by over the past year in how they support the community at large, and how they stand up for the right thing, not the easy thing.  Their products are pretty amazing to boot, and without them I would not have been able to survive the death-march that Ironman70.3 Ohio turned out to be for me.  Here is the dream team, MY dream team - the teams that I am proud to be racing and training with and representing on my journey.  They have all personally backed me in my pursuits and have built a relationship with me that will remain strong through my triathlon life and beyond!

I am very proud member of Team Fraser.  Fraser Bicycle is so much more than a bike store, it is a family, a community.  Fraser has supported me through all of my Iron aspirations and well beyond, providing me the lab access so that I could run my intervention trial on LactiGo for my Master's Degree completion.  With their support I finished and graduated 'With Distinction' both academically (4.0 baby!) and for being the first trial study a student has performed as their final project in the school's history.  None of that could have happened without the pure love and support from my Fraser fam. I bleed green! #teamgreen #fraserbicycle

In 2017 I am proud to say that I will be racing for BASE Performance!  As a nutritionist I do not back a brands lightly however when the opportunity came about to apply for the BASE performance team I went for it; that is how strongly I believe in and support these products and the BASE brand as a whole.  I get $0.00 from BASE for being on the team, my thoughts expressed aout their products and any benefit I have experienced from them are purely my own. It is because of my own personal usage and experience with BASE salts that lead me to the team. #racewithbase #saltsaves

I am also proud to be back in the Haus.  If you do not know what constitutes 'the Haus', then you are not familiar with Endurance Nation and the coaching team that makes up the experience. I am ready to get back to it and work my way back into fitness so that my journey into the 2018 Ironman season goes as smoothly as possible. Endurance Nation has been the coaching and training team that has made me an execution ninja out there and I am excited to see what I can do in the next year to get back to ninja status!  #workworks

 I am also a 2016 Ambassador and supporter of the Mermaid Club, oping to return as ambassador in 2017 as well. The Mermaid Club is an outstanding group of women who cheer and support on women in the sport of their choosing.  We like to live life and make waves, have fun and go for our goals! #cozwhynot #likeamermaid

With that, I am still fleshing out the 2017 season overall, focusing on using it as a build year.  I say this every year I feel, however I am putting the run as my boo this year.  I am gearing up to get myself in amazing shape to rock the Ironman distance once again for my 40th birthday in 2018. 140.6 for 40 sounds really good to me!

In 2012 I went from fat to fit, I thought at the time due to a total lifestyle change but that just was not so.  I went vegan after being vegetarian for some time, I stepped up my training due to focusing on the Iron distance, I graduated with my MBA and I got married. The lifestyle change I made was called "crazy cram it all in life"and since 2012 to 2016 I went right back to fat because the changes I made were not really sustainable to me in the life that I was living and due to the I made them.  If I had fallen upon them more organically then yes, but I made drastic changes and dropped 70 lbs in the matter of months.  As soon as the pressures of  school, wedding, Ironman and switching jobs went away and the stresses of my real life emerged... it went downhill at such a rate I could not stop.

I do not mean this as a slander against myself, or a reflection of poor confidence, but rather as hard fact.  I am overweight and not even by a little.  I do not have "vanity" weight to lose, I have real weight to lose, to the tune of 90 freaking lbs to lose. I am on a mission to get there by taking myself on as a client, finally putting all of my education and experience to use on my self.  I am a certified health coach and sports focused nutritionist.  I have the tools and I know how to use them, I just have not been ready to until now.  

Along the way I will post up both my wins and my loses, so that together we can learn about what works and what patterns we fall into that lead to missing the goal.

Here is to a much needed fresh perspective on health!  Shine on my friends, shine on!


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