Planning races and planning plans

Today I hit 'send' on my race season form with my coaching team. 

I decided to do a 2-part season, one in focusing on my return to racing, the other on focus on prepping for the work ahead of me in 2018.  We will see what coach says about my part 2, however for now I have a solid race schedule for my grand re-entrance into triathlon!

  • Triceratops Tri - June 21st
  • Motor City Sprint - June 25th
  • Pterodactyl Tri - July 19th
  • Ironman70.3 Ohio (Relay) - July 30th
  • The Bavarian Inn Experience - August 5th
  • Swim to the Moon 5k  (Open Water Swim) - August 20th
  • T-Rex Tri - August 23rd
  • Detroit Marathon - October 15th

It feels good to have something on the radar now, some goal to work for. The hardest part of coming back from a long time off is taking that first step knowing that it is going to hurt, that it is not going to feel the same as it once did, that it will be something I have to work at and that it is not going to be easy.  Nothing worth working for ever is though. :-)



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