EnSoul Yoga Review

Thanks to Groupon I was able to grab a 10 session membership to a new Yoga studio that has been catching my eye ever since they started reno on the old Mother Fletcher's location in Ferndale.

What really caught my eye on this studio from the outward appearance was the name and logo itself.  I was surprised to see the idea of plugging in when I have always heard to unplug, however I really dug on the idea of tuning in to yourself rather than tuning out the world.

I went for my first class - the Soulful class - and I was beyond impressed.  From the moment I walked into the space I felt at home and like I found a practice that resonated within myself.  The studio space, the overall vibe of Caren Paskel -  the instructor for the class and owner of EnSoul -  as well as the message conveyed and the delivery of the message all made for a very deep and meaningful experience.  I am looking forward to trying out the many different classes that EnSoul Yoga provides,  multiple types of classes ranging from the rocking to the restorative and everything in between:

In this one stop shop, you will get everything you want and need: good tunes, flows and movement that will make you work, sweat and stretch. We combined Rock EnSoul and Soulful, rolled 'em up and made a signature class for everyone.

Rock EnSoul
This vinyasa inspired flow style class will rock you from the inside out and the outside in. Carefully crafted, world renowned choreography, designed to produce ultimate health on the inside and a supple and toned outside. A great class for those who really like to move. However, you do not have to be super strong or bendy. They state that this is the class that single handedly opened the door to a new yoga movement that has now spread across the globe and that you will be directed and led through flows and also have some time to flow on your own.

Slow moving, deep stretching and muscle strengthening flows for the average Joe, Jane, Super Man or Wonder Woman. A great class for anyone who wants a sweat, a challenge and some change, while moving at pace that encourages a deeper, more rhythmic breath.  Eyes closed, dig in to your soul with direction throughout the entire class.  No memorization required!

The Sweetest Thing
Come and sink into a super sweet, deliciously tasty, slow, sensual, flow. Not only is this a great class for your body, but the mind and soul will be taken on a journey as well. The Sweetest Thing captures a deep healing energy without giving up challenges, surprises and fun. Mostly seated postures and simple standing sequences. This is a wonderful active recovery for those healing from injury or for those who need a break in between harder workouts. The temperature will be perfectly sweet with NO HEAT!



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